We’ve teamed up with SchoolCycled!

We are very excited to be teaming up with SchoolCycled an initiative by MYgroup, designed to educate the next generation about recycling, ecosystems and sustainability.

We need to inspired the younger generation to become environmentalists, activists and scientists with the ability to create solutions to our pollution issues. SchoolCycled aims to educate and reward children for recycling plastic bottle tops which are traded in for Earth Tokens. These can then be exchanged for recycled products, such as furniture and play equipment. MYgroup also provide schools involved with free lesson plans and educational tools to encourage children to recycle and take part in litter picking.

Please support Grange Prmary School by collecting your bottle tops and bringing them into school! Click here to learn what kind of lids can be collected.

An overview of the SchoolCycled scheme: 

Learn more! Click here to read a introduction for parents/carers

Why you should recycle:

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