Our School Maintains Youth Sport Trust’s Gold Mark

We are excited to share the news that our school has achieved the Youth Sport Trust’s prestigious Gold Mark for a continuous year! This recognition aligns with Ofsted guidance and supports the PE and Sport Premium.

The Gold Mark is based on bench-marking statements, evaluating our school in the following key areas:

Overall Vision: Our school exhibits a comprehensive vision for PE, physical activity and school sport.

Quality of PE: We aim to deliver high-quality PE that engages and inspires pupils, fostering a love for physical activities.

Quality of School Sport: We promote school sports and also offer after school provision to further progress skills – emphasising teamwork and sportsmanship.

Quality of Physical Activity: We are committed to promoting physical activity beyond PE classes, encouraging active lifestyles for overall wellbeing.

Use as a Catalyst for Learning: We are dedicated to using sport as a subject to also enhance broader educational outcomes.

We pledge to maintain this standard, continually improving our curriculum to ensure every pupil thrives through physical education and sports. We are so proud to have achieved this result!

Why not visit our Sport at our School page to learn more about our sport provision and how we encourage a love for wellness and physical activity.

Youth Sport Trust Gold Award for Grange Primary School


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