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County Lines Game App
A new game for both apple and android phones has recently been launched. The game play is based on running a County Line and players have to build up points by making drug deliveries, staying in trap houses and outrunning the police. To find out more about this game and safeguarding techniques to put in place, please visit – here.


TikTok Update Parental Controls with Family Pairing Feature 
TikTok is used by many teenagers and sometimes children younger than 13 despite its terms and conditions. Using the new Family Pairing feature can allow parents to guide their child’s TikTok experience in a safer way. Features include:

  • Search: Decide what can be searched for. This includes content, users, hashtags, or sounds.
  • Screen Time Management: Sets how long your teen can spend on TikTok each day.
  • Discoverability: Decide on the account being private (you decide who can see their content) or public (anyone can search and view content).

To find out more information about TikTok’s Family Pairing feature and to download a helpful poster, please visit – here.


Stormbreak is a charity which ‘aims to improve children’s mental health through movement, equipping them with sustainable, transferable skills and coping strategies to thrive during the complex demands of growth into adult life’. The charity is led by Dr Martin Yelling in partnership with Bournemouth University, University of Winchester, Dorset CAMHs, Public Health Dorset, DragonFish, schools, teachers and children.

The Stormbreak challenges primary aged children develop resilience, relationships, self-worth, self-care and hope and optimism. If you would like to find out more please – click here.

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