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A look back to Holly Class who have been busy working hard and having fun at the same time! In Science our beans started to germinate and so we have now planted them in soil and will continue to observe their growth. In D&T we have been researching dinosaurs and what the climate and landscapes looked like during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. We chose to start making our dinosaur dioramas based on one of these periods and learnt that different dinosaurs existed during each period of time. We voted for Team Stegosaurus (from the Jurassic Period) or Team Tyrannosaurus (from the Cretaceous Period). In History Miss Willams introduced the children to fossils and the group had fun creating some of their own. The class recently finished their ‘Home Is…’ poem from our Remembrance Day work ready to display. Holly Class – you are so much fun to teach!
~ Mrs Evans.















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