Help for families to talk about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

With the awful conflict in Ukraine unfolding, it is likely that children will be exposed to news reports or overheard conversations and may be frightened or confused. Our children have had assemblies about what is happening and we will continue to support them and help them understand as things develop. 

Please find below some useful links to support families in having conversations with your children. If there are Grange families who have relatives, friends or other links to Ukraine and need further support then please do not hesitate to contact school.

Department for Education Guidance – Education Hub

CBBC Newsround – Advice if you’re upset by the news

First News – Ukraine Explainer

Save the Children – 5 ways to talk to children about conflict

Family Education – Talking with children about war: pointers for parents

Childline – Worries about the world

Phoenix Education Consultancy – Worrying about war

Place2Be – Talking to children and young people about war and conflict 

Climbing the Rainbow – Russia & Ukraine Story

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