KS2 pupils inspired at SEN All-Inclusive Festival

Wednesday 25th May, saw us take a group of ten of our KS2 children to a SEN All-Inclusive Festival hosted by Shrewsbury Town in the Community and held at Shrewsbury Town Football Club Stadium.
Pupils had the amazing opportunity to experience three activities. The first was a stadium tour – a fantastic chance to take a look behind the scenes visiting the changing rooms and the pitch. The second activity saw the group practising their throwing and rolling skills using different types of balls, all whilst trying to aim at a target. Finally, the children took part in a throwing and accuracy challenge – attempting to throw a ball into the holes of an inflatable, with each hole having a different score.
A pupil from each group was awarded a ‘Respect’ certificate for their actions over the three activities (ours being Ruby-Rose Williams). To end the session, our pupils along with all the other schools attended a presentation in the Shrewsbury Hub. Here pictures were taken and the children given a Shrewsbury Town booklet and a certificate of congratulations for completing the day.
The group had a brilliant time and behaviour was very impressive. It was great to see the children being inspired and enthused about physical activity and seeing their confidence increase throughout the morning.

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