Our History curriculum is based National Curriculum.  Children are taught about the history of Britain and that of the wider world through the use of questioning, critical thinking of motive, perspective and judgement in order to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change and the diversity of people around the world and through time. We value the understanding of chronology of historical periods and events and also how historical periods compare to life today.


Stories I can read at home that will help me


Ancient Civilisations

The Mayans

Benin/Early Islamic


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece



The Tudors


The Great Fire of London


World War 1

World War 2

The Moon Landings

Additional book lists to help

Book list – World War 1

Book list – World War II

Book list – Women’s History Month

Book list – Refugee

Book list – Black History

How can I help my child at home?

For pupils in Key Stage 1

For pupils in Key Stage 2