Welcome to Chestnut class

Year Two with Miss Holding and Mrs Gwilliams


Flowers, Tunnels and Turrets for the first half of term and then after the break we will be doing Land Ahoy!

PE sessions are on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Children in Chestnut Class have either phonics or spelling homework to complete each week and number facts to learn.

This homework directly supports your child to achieve the level that they are expected to be at by the end of the year - please help them to get there.

Library Sessions will be throughout the week.

Homework is handed out each Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

We expect children in Chestnuts to read at home at least 4 times a week but ideally every day. Please remember to write in your child’s Reading Diary every time you read with them at home. 

We will be holding weekly drop-in sessions.

These sessions will provide parents/ carers with the opportunity to look at books. You will be able to see the progress that your child is making and contribute and comment their learning journey. The children will really enjoy showing you what they have been working on in school each week.

Forest school is every third Thursday PM - lists up outside the classroom door.


In Chestnut we have been adding two digit numbers and using partitioning as a method. The children will continue to use their knowledge of number bonds  and related facts. In English we are writing an information book about the life of Captain James Cook. In topic we will be learning different sea shanties to perform and completing some work based on Maths skills.


Chestnut class had great fun making their 'Safe Piggy Fortresses' to protect the pigs from the big bad wolf!

Some of our Dads getting creative at our Father's Day event.

***Chestnut class had great fun on polar explorer day.

We did an experiment to see the effects vinegar had on a sea shell.***

We had a fabulous day on Friday at our very own Royal Wedding. Congratulations Meghan and Harry :)

Look who showed up!

We had an amazing time at Blists hill making candles and Christmas cards.

We had a lovely walk around too and visited the shops.

The children wrote some instructions for Miss Holding about how to make a jam sandwich. 

The first one went wrong due to missing out key instructions.

They kept trying and by the end of the week they were able to make a good jam sandwich.