School Council

 Our biggest achievement as a school council has been deciding how to spend the money raised in the Autumn Term!

Electing our School Councillors

'Thank you to all children (and the parents that helped them) that ran for school council and produced really well thought out speeches. 'Election Day' was a huge success and all classes really got into the spirit of it! 

 Every single class had lots of confident candidates and all of the children secretly voted for who they thought would be the best school councilor to represent them and their class. They then put their vote in the ballot boxes around school. 

 On Wednesday 20th September I had some sensible Year 5 and 6 children who came and helped me count the votes. They were then sworn to secrecy on the outcome...

 Thursday 21st September - results day! The following children are now our brand new school councilors for the year and I know that they will all be fantastic:

 Year 6, Yew Class - Dylan M and Eloise C

Year 5, Beech Class - Emily H and Daniel B

Year 5, Maple Class - Jay L and Keezia E

Year 4, Elm Class - Emily J and Adam R

Year 3, Sycamore Class - Luca Y

Year 3, Willow Class - Rylee F

Year 2, Chestnut Class - Leo H

Year 1/2, Hazel Class - Alfie-James E

Year 1, Holly Class - Tulisa-Lily D

 Thank you to everyone that voted, ran or helped. 

From Miss Blake.'



Thoughts  on the process of the election-


"The secret vote was fair because it was a blind vote and straight after the vote was done we put it into the blue ballot box under the School Council display board."


Lillie P, Yew Class, Year 6


"My thoughts about the secret vote are that is was fair because everyone got to vote for two people who had the best speech."


Maja K, Yew Class, Year 6


"What happened was the people who wanted to be School Council got to write a speech at home or in school and got to share it with the class. Then everyone in the school but the teachers got to vote for two - who they thought had the best speeches. The day after, people who did not make a speech, got to go and count the votes."


Kiera L, Yew Class, Year 6


Yew class discussed the history of the secret vote and how in the past, during the Victorian times, there was corrupt voting. This meant that some people pressurised people to use their vote for a particular person rather than who they thought was best. They changed to system to a secret vote in Queen Victoria's reign to make it fairer.