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 Monday Thursday Friday   
 Advanced Ukelele - 12.10/12.40  Keyboards - 8.30/9.00  Beginner Recorders - 12.40/1.10  
 Beginners Ukelele - 12.40/1.10 Advanced Recorders - 12.40/1.10  Guitars - 3.15/4.00  
  Solo singing - 3.15/4.00    


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Nicola bowden(a couple of years ago)

Mrs Allen-brown is the best music teacher EVER!!!!!!!!

megan james(a few years ago)

Mrs.Allen-Brown is the best

amelia dance(a few years ago)

mrs allen brown is the best teacher in the world I love her as a teacher she teaches loads of different clubs and they are all amazing :-)

isabel swain(a few years ago)

mrs allen-brown you are the best and i'm in most of her music clubs . you rock mrs allen brown

Lutho Mbangatha(a few years ago)

Amazing page i am in nearly all the pic

amelia dance(a few years ago)

I am in ukele, solo singing and mrs allen brown is my favourite teachers :-)

Megan James(a few years ago)

OMG awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!